Things to know-DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning!

Undoubtedly, DIYs are a quick, cheap, and convenient solution for any problem. But when it comes to your carpet, you have to be very careful in choosing between DIY and professional. However, there are many unexpected benefits of professional carpet cleaning Labrador, and there are many cons of using DIYs. But if you are confused to distinguish between them, then you should know this:

What should you know when using vinegar, dishwashing liquid, etc., as DIY stain removal?

Lemon Juice, vinegar:

The popular belief is that lemon juice and vinegar are acidic and help remove the stains on the carpet. However, many DIY are available to clean the stains from your carpet using vinegar or lemon juice or to mix them with baking soda or anything else. You might think it will successfully remove the stain, but be aware as they are just visual illusions. You are not getting to the root of the problem as your carpet is not thoroughly clean. Additionally, they are not effective in removing debris and soil from the carpet.

It is equally valid that you don’t need deep cleaning for everyday stains. But preferably you should schedule it every six months a year to restore the damage of using wrong products.

Dishwashing liquids:

Many DIYs online suggest that dishwashing liquid helps in removing oily or greasy stains from the carpet. But do you know that water also acts as a crystal to these stains? Crystallization of water leaves water molecules inside the crystal, which leaves the carpet wet. However, when water gets deep inside the fibres of the carpet, it takes a long time to dry. We already know wet carpet causes serious health problems. Therefore, it is best to let the dishwashing sop do its work. Alternatively, carpet cleaning professionals know which method suits different stains and leaves no residue behind.

Hot iron for wax removal:

The internet is full of DIYs to remove wax from using a hot iron. Though removing wax is not that tricky, hot iron may burn the stain instead of removing it. In addition, you may also end up burning the fibre of the carpet. However, for removing these burnt stains, you will need professional help or need a carpet replacement. If you need to avail of the latter, it will definitely be costlier than hiring an expert carpet cleaner.

Here, hiring a professional cleaner is more reliable than staying with the burnt carpet.

Other things to know: Even vacuuming is not sufficient

Though vacuuming is the easiest way to clean the carpet, a time comes when it is also not sufficient. As many particles are embedded in the fibre of carpet over time, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning Labrador company.


Spills and stains are bound to happen throughout the life of the carpet. But suppose you are choosing DIY over professional. In that case, you need to research and seek advice from someone with better knowledge than you. So next time, before deciding on cleaning carpet, consider the above-descried points and make decisions.